It excites me discovering the "secrets of the Creator", which may provide a speck of contribution to humankind.

Postdoctoral Research at the University of Limerick, Ireland

March 1, 2021


Starting today, I officially commenced my postdoctoral research at the University of Limerick in the Republic of Ireland. I joined the group of Dr. Matthias Vandichel to work on an EU-funded project for the development of methodologies to describe electrochemical reactions in/on metal-hydrides and other systems. This project is in collaboration with 6 other partners in Europe (H2020-FETproactive HERMES).



Balik Scientist Program at the University of San Carlos, Cebu

September 2019


I joined the Department of Physics of the University of San Carlos in Cebu City as a Balik Scientist. The Balik Scientist Program was recently enacted into law to encourage Filipino Scientists or Scientists of Filipino descent to return to the Philippines to share their expertise to strengthen the scientific and technical human resources of the academe, the public and private institutions including the industry to accelerate the flow of new and strategically important technologies that are vital to national development. Through the Balik Scientist Program, I am expected to provide technical assistance to the implementation of the new Laboratory for Computational Functional Materials, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, which is funded by DOST through the Infrastructure Development Program (IDP), deliver seminars and lectures covering topics in computational catalysis and surface science, train students and faculty on the use of simulation softwares relevant to conducting research in materials science, submit collaborative manuscripts to international refereed journals, submit a research proposal to the DOST for possible funding, and handle elective courses in physics.



Japan-Germany symposium held at the capital of Bavaria

June 18-22, 2018


As part of the annual activities of the ACCEL project, an international symposium on Advanced Catalysis Material and Characterization was held in Munich, Germany on June 18-22, 2018. We had the previlege to present our research in such conference, which was attended by some catalysis superstars like Prof. Hiroshi Kitagawa of Kyoto University and Prof. Johannes Lercher of the Technical University of Munich. It was my second time to visit Germany; but it is my first time to stay in Munich, where the concept of Oktoberfest originated. An unfortunate side note: On the day of our flight from Osaka to Munich, Osaka was shaken by a strong earthquake. Prof. Nakanishi was not able to take his flight. So aside from my own presentation, I was asked to present on behalf of Prof. Nakanishi. 



American Chemical Society Meeting in Washington D.C., USA

August 19-25, 2017


For the first time, I delivered a research presentation at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C. on Aug. 20-24, 2017. For the past years, we have been publishing our works at the ACS-run journals such as the ACS Catalysis and The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. In this meeting, I have met some prominent scientists in the field of catalysis such as Prof. M. Janik and Prof. N. Roesch. It was also my first time to visit the United States and experience the dynamism of the country's capital. 



Japan-UK Symposium at Canterbury, England

July 2-7, 2017


I was so glad to have presented my research entitled: Methane reactions on surface at the Japan-UK symposium held at the University of Kent in Canterbury, England on July 3-6, 2017. The symposium is part of the annual activities of the ACCEL project where I have been working as a researcher. The symposium was attended by some prominent scientists from Japan and U.K., including my former host professor at the University College London, Dr. Michail Stamatakis. Among other things, Canterbury is the inspiration behind the english writer Geoffrey Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales".



Academic Visit to University College London

July 7-9, 2017


After the international symposium at Canterbury, we had the opportunity to visit the laboratory of Prof. Michail Stamatakis at the University College London. He is a faculty at the Department of Chemical Engineering who served as my host professor during my stint at UCL as a Junior Research Fellow of the Thomas Young Centre: The London Centre for the Theory and Simulation of Materials. After the visit, we roamed around London where I have personally reminisced the memories of my first visit in 2013. So far, London is my favorite city in the world. I wish to be back often. 



Nanotechnology Conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia

May 2-8, 2017


The meeting on catalysis, energy materials, and nanotechnology was held at Dubrovnik on May 2-8, 2017. I presented my research entitled: Catalysis of methane reforming from electronic properties to thermodynamics. After the presentations, we were able to experience the beauty of Dubrovnik, whose old town has recently transformed as a tourism sensation after being used as a filming location for the Kings Landing of the Game of Thrones series. I always say that Dubrovnik is so far the most beautiful place I have ever seen. I would definite love to bring my loved ones at this place in the future.  



New Position at the Akashi National Institute of Technology

July 19, 2016


The Nakanishi Laboratory of the National Institute of Technology hired me as a specially-appointed assistant professor to work on projects such as the JST ACCEL grant number JPMJAC1501 "Creation of the Functional Materials on the Basis of the Inter-Element-Fusion Strategy and their Innovative Applications", MEXT Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (16K04876), and JST CREST Innovative Catalysts and Creation Technologies for the Utilization of Diverse Natural Carbon Resources: In-situ atomic characterization of catalytic reactions for the development of Innovative Catalysts (No. 17942262), as well as the collaborative projects with the Daihatsu Motor Co. Ltd. and Toyota Motors Corp.



Doctoral Graduation at Osaka University

Sept. 25, 2015


Finally, I have received my Ph.D. in Quantum Engineering Design, half a year earlier than scheduled! To this end, I would like to thank everybody who gave me the inspiration and help to accomplish this ultimate academic goal. I have stayed in Osaka for a total of 4.5 years: 2 years for my Master of Engineering and another 2.5 years for my doctorate. This long experience has transformed me into a more resilient and independent person with authentic international experience that broadened my perspectives on cultural, religious, and academic diversities. 



Nanotechnology Summer School at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

August 2014


As part of the activities of the German-Japanese University Network, I participated the nanotechnology summer school conducted at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology on Sept. 1-10, 2014. This summer school has focused on opportunities and challenges of nanotechnology research, where the participants attended workshops highlighting the latest developments and research studies in nanotechnology, visited KIT research laboratories, participated in poster sessions, and had the opportunity to take part in cultural excursions to nearby places such as the romantic Heidelberg.



Junior Research Fellowship at University College London

September 2013


For about a month, I stayed at the laboratory of Dr. Michail Stamatakis at the University College London as a Junior Research Fellow of the Thomas Young Centre – The London Centre for the Theory and Simulation of Materials. My research studies at my home institution (Osaka University) have so far elucidated the thermodynamics of the elementary reaction steps that comprise the complex eight-electron oxidation of borohydride on catalyst surfaces. During my visit at UCL, my goal was to simulate the kinetics of this reaction using kinetic Monte Carlo simulations. As a student who originally came from a developing country, the Philippines, I have found the fellowship scheme to be an excellent venue to gain research experience from outstanding institutions in London. My stay at the UCL has given me the opportunity to talk to top scientists in the field and gain insights into the advancement of my research. More importantly, my study-visit at UCL marked the start of the intellectual exchange and collaboration between our group in Japan and that of my host professor’s group at UCL.



Computational Materials Design Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand

February 2012


We presented our research at the Asian Computational Materials Design Workshop held at Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand. On top of the successful and fruitful workshop, we were able to see the rich culture of Thailand by visiting the country's popular heritage sites. 


Computational Materials Design Workshop in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

December 2011


We presented our research at the Asian Computational Materials Design Workshop held at Saigon University in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. This is the first time for me to visit an ASEAN country aside from the Philippines. 


Quantum Engineering Design Course (QEDC) at Osaka University, Japan

October 5, 2010


Today, I took a flight from Manila to Osaka. It was my first international flight. I went to Japan for the five-year International Priority Graduate Program of Quantum Engineering Design Course (QEDC) at the Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University under the Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship grant. QEDC aims to equip the new generation of young scientists with advanced knowledge and cutting-edge research skills to realize quantum engineering and design in response to global, technological, and environmental issues. The three core divisions of the program include: (1) creation of mathematical method, (2) elucidation of material function formation mechanisms, and (3) realization of new generation functional materials. I will be under the supervision of Prof. Hideaki Kasai, a world-renowned expert in computational materials science. 

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The capital of Bavaria, Munich, is the venue of the Japan-Germany Symposium for the ACCEL Project


ACS National Meeting at Washington D.C., USA


The beautiful Canterbury, England is the venue of the ACCEL Japan-UK Symposium


The iconic house of parliament in London


Dubrovnik in Croatia became even more popular because of the Game of Thrones series


An array of cherry blossoms (sakura) in Japan


The facade of Akashi National Institute of Technology


Receiving my diploma for doctorate at Osaka University


All roads lead to this place at the fan-shaped City of Karlsruhe


The facade of the University College London


The Kasai Laboratory at the Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University


Working at NITAC



The University of Limerick in the Republic of Ireland is where I am conducting my postdoctoral research